Highlights from September's Beauty Instead of Ashes Conference

Conference participant, Tracy, with Executive Director, Diane Stores

Conference participant, Tracy, with Executive Director, Diane Stores

September’s Beauty Instead of Ashes Conference was an incredible time! Although only a handful of women attended, we made important connections, including meeting with Pastor Josephine from PTL Rock Church, and praying with, and being prayed over, by Cass Lake’s Kingdom Family House of Prayer.

David Melander presented a powerful message about his personal journey of discovering what it means to be a Godly man, and seeing Jesus as a masculine role model. David included asking the women present for forgiveness on behalf of men, which was extremely moving and the women were very responsive.  

Darlene Cook teamed up with Diane, and taught on Love Bonds/Fear Bonds, Red Flags, Dynamics of Relationships/Boundaries and Overcoming Shame and Grief. Through her testimony, she shared about triggers that can stem from childhood wounds.

Jody Cowdin illustrated a distorted view of abuse when she read from a book published in 2005 that says a woman should identify with Christ’s suffering when her husband abuses her. She contrasted this with Scripture passages showing Jesus’ love for women. There was not a dry eye in the place, as she presented a large jewel to signify the value Jesus places on women.

Thanks to all who attended, and to our gracious and generous hosts: First Assembly of God Church, and Camp Dellwater. Thanks also to our teachers: Joy Alizadeh, Darlene Cook, Jody Cowdin, David Melander, and Executive Director, Diane Stores.

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