Volunteer Spotlight: Jim and Connie Brown

Connie and Jim Brown

Connie and Jim Brown

Please meet dedicated and hard-working Door of Hope volunteers, Jim and Connie Brown. Jim is a volunteer prayer minister, and Connie helps with mailings, serving at events, and brings treats each week for our Hope-Filled Kids Group. They always pitch in where needed, and God uses them to bless us, and those we serve, every time they walk through our doors. We are incredibly blessed by you two, our dynamic duo!  Thank you!

Why do you support Door of Hope?

Well, we are really quite selfish in this area. We have found in our working with Door of Hope  that we have been blessed far beyond anything we have given. The real reason, though, is that we see God moving powerfully within Door of Hope, and where God is moving is where we want to be.

What do you wish other people knew?

From what we see at Door of Hope, there is room for people to give the gifts God has given them - in any area. Your gifts of time and support will help others be set free.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about Door of Hope?

Whether you are looking for a place to volunteer or seeking help, or need someone to talk to...just do it! Call Door of Hope! Jump in with both feet because someone will be there to assure you land in a safe place. You will be blessed and surrounded by God's love.

Something about us: We have been married for 48 years and are heading for 50! Our biggest enjoyment is just hanging out with each other and relaxing. That is easier to do now that we are both retired.