Hope-Filled Kids Support Group Update

Christmas Party

Last month, generous hearts from Women’s Christian Book Club came and decorated our conference room, and served tacos and lots of tasty treats to our Hope-Filled Kids Support Group (ages 9-12).

The kids had a fun time making bracelets, decorating cupcakes, and playing games.
It was a night full of God's love and joy as we celebrated Him and the coming of His Son!

Thank you to the donor who provided funds for the gifts, and to the book club volunteers. You love well.

2017 Evaluations

Last year, we served 18 children, ages 9-12, through Hope-Filled Kids. That’s 18 young lives touched by the love and truth of Jesus, 18 lives finding hope and healing.

On Evaluation Forms They Said:

All said they felt more confident (one said "less shy")

Something God showed me:

  • Kind people

  • God will always be with me

  • He helps me when I'm having a bad day

  • That I have tools to obey His word

  • How awesome all these people are

Something I learned:

  • To choose wise decisions

  • To be a better communicator and a better person

  • How God loves us

  • God always guides me

  • That I can be confident

  • That God is there no matter what

  • To build my house on the rock

Thank you for your support, it is making a huge difference in the lives of all of those we serve!

Learn more at: doorofhopeministries.org/childrens-support-groups