February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month [Free PDF Download]

Teen Dating Violence Awareness Graphic

According to the CDC, every year 1 out of 10 of our nation’s high schoolers experience physical violence from a dating partner.

1 out of 10 every year...

Chances are your teen or a teen you know, has been assaulted sexually or physically, or has committed teen dating violence.

What is Teen Dating Violence?

Teen dating violence includes not only physical and sexual abuse, but also emotional abuse between teenage dating partners.

Although emotional abuse is often dismissed by adults, it often carries the most long-term effects on the well-being of the victim.

Common emotionally abusive tactics include: name-calling, isolating from friends/family, body shaming, stalking, and controlling social media and communication.

What are the Ramifications?

To name just a few...

  • Criminal convictions
  • To cope, victims are more likely to begin self-destructive behaviors like taking drugs, drinking, smoking, doing poorly in school, promiscuous behavior, physical fights, attempting suicide
  • Teen dating violence is often a precursor to a violent home later in life, for both parties

What To Do?

  • Make this month, Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, the month you begin a conversation with your teen
  • Learn more at: teendvmonth.org, loveisrespect.org, and many other helpful websites
  • Look for these signs of dating abuse: extreme mood swings, poor grades, isolation from friends and family, unexplained bruises or scratches, sexual activity
  • Provide the loving support and listening ear they need and then offer them ways to heal from abuse and have healthy dating relationships. Our Hope-Filled Teens Support Group is an excellent place to find healing and learn new relationship skills. Our next group starts March 20th. Learn more at doorofhopeministries.org/events

If you’re wanting to help a teen, a $45 donation will sponsor one 13-18 year old for 9 weeks in our Hope-filled Teen Support Group. To keep the group easily accessible to teens, we rely on your donations to fund the group. Donate at doorofhopeministries.org/donate. Thank you!

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