Red Lake Reservation Conference for Women

Beauty Instead of Ashes Team

In March, our Beauty Instead of Ashes team (pictured) headed to PTL Rock Church on the Red Lake Reservation, near Bemidji, MN. God moved in powerful ways and we’ll be returning soon, as the women are hungry for God’s transformation.

Here is a glimpse of what Jesus did...

Thank you Lord! This conference addressed how abuse affects the "whole" person: mental, emotional, physical and especially spiritual. Abuse counseling has never addressed that most important value, my faith in Christ and His love for me, for all of us. He is our healer. Thank you for ministering healing and love to me, to all of us.—Valerie Wahl
During my healing prayer session so many revelations were given to me of the sweet love of Jesus. It was hard to look at my painful past and my trauma but with Jesus's help it was life changing. —Lisa Lyons
Moving forward has begun anew...On my way to freedom and healing, I can see Jesus with a big grin on His face, and my heart is confirming “this is it!” Thank you for your time, prayers, and endless energy you gave me. — Laura McClure

To learn more about the conferences we offer and how to host one, please visit or contact Diane at or 763-767-2150.