Trauma Recovery

I Found a Lifestyle of Joy!

Aimee Anderson

Aimee Anderson

One of our clients, Aimee Anderson, shared a video of her story of healing on Facebook, and in the text below her video clip, she says...

"I have been going to the cities for training to learn more about how trauma affects the body. There is a wonderful curriculum called Authentic Hope, through a place called Door of Hope, and here I have found even more healing, and a lifestyle of joy!

My friend and I are excited to announce there will be a Women's Conference in Cloquet, coming January 2019. We would love to see you there!

We don't have to be what other people have said/done to us, we get to shed off the lies and trauma, and live our lives to the highest potential, because we are tapping into the joy center! It's a whole new way of approaching unresolved trauma... through the joy/control center of our brains!

It's amazing what neuroscience has taught us, how our brains can be renewed... I have never had such a zeal for life before! Here's to expecting good things in 2019! *fireworks*"

To learn more or register for the Cloquet women's conference on January 25 - 26, visit here.

To schedule an appointment to resolve trauma, visit here or contact us at

Staff Introduction: Amy Ziolkowski

Prayer Ministry Director, Amy Ziolkowski

Prayer Ministry Director, Amy Ziolkowski

Please meet Door of Hope’s Prayer Ministry Director, Amy Ziolkowski.

Amy has faithfully ministered with us, in a variety of ways, since our inception four years ago.

As Prayer Ministry Director, Amy organizes our volunteer prayer team, schedules trauma recovery counseling appointments, leads trauma recovery counseling sessions, teaches healing prayer workshops, and has helped develop our trauma recovery counseling and prayer ministry manual.

Amy and her husband are founding members of Bridgewood Community Church. During their 10 years at Bridgewood, Amy trained small group leaders, and worked with Diane Stores in various volunteer roles. Amy and Gary, her husband of nearly 34 years, have three grown children and are members of Emmanuel Christian Center.