David Melander

Meet Board Member, David Melander

Board Member, David Melander

Board Member, David Melander

David Melander, a long-time Door of Hope board member, shares why he’s committed to the mission of Door of Hope.

I believe in Door of Hope, and our unique approach to resolving abuse in families.

This unique approach includes:

  • providing safe places for people to work through the root causes of abuse in families

  • ministering not only to women who have experienced abuse, but also to men and children

  • carrying an international vision that is guiding our work toward safe-housing shelters in several countries, in addition to new shelters here in the USA

We also have tools and methods to build a foundation for shelters, such as methods for trauma recovery and practical tools for shelter operation. I believe these tools and methods were given to Door of Hope from God for a special purpose that is just unfolding.

I have known the leaders at Door of Hope for decades and have seen how fruitful our approach is to bringing real, lasting changes to the lives of those who come to us for support groups or trauma recovery. It works. 

More about David: David Melander is a long-time member of North Heights Lutheran Church and has been involved in teaching, missions, and prayer ministry for 30+ years. He is married to his lovely wife, Adri, and has four adult children. David works in international business, primarily in medical device and primarily in projects that bridge the US and China. He has over 180 China entry stamps. He has worked on many high level projects in many countries including India, Indonesia, and others.