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Diane's Vacation Launches Our First International Satellite

Early in March, Founder and Executive Director, Diane Stores, came to visit Development Director, Jodi Hill, for 10 days of vacation time in Cuenca, Ecuador. Although they did some sightseeing, one thing led to another and it quickly became apparent that God had plans for them besides hiking, spas, and parks…

They met with nonprofit leaders and ministry leaders, presented to a women’s bible study, facilitated four trauma recovery counseling and prayer sessions, and, thanks to Leah Diaz, were even on local Christian cable TV!

Epidemic: 3 in 4 Women

In Ecuador, domestic violence is experienced by 3 of 4 women. This is higher than in the USA (1 in 3) and Mexico (2 in 3). In Ecuador, it’s an epidemic! Leaders they talked to are very hungry for our material and training.

Doors are flying open!

Thanks to the hearts at Iglesia Impacto International, especially Pastors Bobby and Lori Leek, and Associate Pastor, Jennifer England, doors are flying open for our first international satellite!

So, what is God doing? Well, here’s what we know so far…

  • On March 29th, we held our first virtual women’s support group. The group is populated almost exclusively by bi-lingual expats living and/or working in Cuenca and is at capacity. Many participants are interested in becoming Door of Hope support group leaders. We thrill at the thought of Spanish-speaking groups for Ecuadorian women starting this summer!

  • Our Authentic Hope Support Group Manual is being translated into Spanish and will be published, making it widely available.

  • In October, if God supplies the funding, we’ve been invited to provide a women’s conference and an equipping conference for ministry leaders. Pastors Bobby and Lori have opened their home for our team to stay in, and have offered their church space for the conferences. We are so grateful to you, Bobby and Lori! Thank you!

  • We’re looking into starting a legal nonprofit in Ecuador, under Door of Hope, which will make us an independent entity able to set up a ministry center, raise funds locally and even buy or rent space for a 12-18 month women’s shelter.

Knowing the God we serve, He’s calling in more people and resources to make this satellite sustainable and equipped to bring His hope and healing to the hurting families of Ecuador. If you sense God is calling you to donate time and/or money toward our work in Ecuador, please contact either Diane Stores at or Jodi Hill, at Thank you!

Pause to Appreciate, by Diane Stores

Diane Stores, Founder and Executive Director

Diane Stores, Founder and Executive Director

Recently I was listening to a teaching by Mark Rutland. He was talking about God resting on the seventh day….Now we all know that God doesn’t get tired. Psalm 121:4 tells us that God neither slumbers or sleeps.

Dr. Rutland went on to say that the reference in Genesis 2:2 regarding God resting on the seventh day has a much fuller meaning. One of the meanings of this word in Hebrew is to pause and appreciate. God paused and appreciated all He had created.

Just saying those words makes me slow down and remember all He has done for me and for Door of Hope. I am trying to bring this phrase into my life several times each day.

I find each time I stop and remember all of the ways He has showered us with His goodness, my body and my soul slow down. Rest is so important, for it is in rest that revelation and refreshment come.

We have so many things to be grateful for. So, as I pause and appreciate today, these are some of the things that come to mind:

  • We just hired a part-time Bookkeeper/IT Manager, Dave Nimmo, and a part-time Office & Program Assistant, Tanda Eidsvoog

  • We increased hours for Associate Director, Nate Oyloe, with full-time status coming in April

  • Gabby Plaep’s (Youth and Young Adult Ministries Coordinator) hours will increase in April

  • All nine January - March support groups are full, with the exception of the teen group

  • Our new March support groups in Cloquet are maxed out – with 11 ladies in each of the two groups

  • Our Mankato conference is all set for March 22 – 23 and we already have 40 ladies signed up

  • Jodi Hill (Development Director) and I met with leaders in Cuenca, Ecuador this week in anticipation of a women’s conference soon

I could go on and on…God is on the move! We are so blessed to partner with Him in His work as He continues to bring hope and healing to so many.

Please join us at our April 27th Overflowing Hope banquet! It’s going to be a time of celebrating all God has done and will do for those we serve!

We appreciate your support so much! You make this work possible. Last year was a year of multiplication and we are already seeing so much growth happening this year. We couldn’t do it without you. Thank you for all your love, prayers, and support.

Diane Stores
Founder and Executive Director
Door of Hope Ministries


Highlights from September's Beauty Instead of Ashes Conference

Conference participant, Tracy, with Executive Director, Diane Stores

Conference participant, Tracy, with Executive Director, Diane Stores

September’s Beauty Instead of Ashes Conference was an incredible time! Although only a handful of women attended, we made important connections, including meeting with Pastor Josephine from PTL Rock Church, and praying with, and being prayed over, by Cass Lake’s Kingdom Family House of Prayer.

David Melander presented a powerful message about his personal journey of discovering what it means to be a Godly man, and seeing Jesus as a masculine role model. David included asking the women present for forgiveness on behalf of men, which was extremely moving and the women were very responsive.  

Darlene Cook teamed up with Diane, and taught on Love Bonds/Fear Bonds, Red Flags, Dynamics of Relationships/Boundaries and Overcoming Shame and Grief. Through her testimony, she shared about triggers that can stem from childhood wounds.

Jody Cowdin illustrated a distorted view of abuse when she read from a book published in 2005 that says a woman should identify with Christ’s suffering when her husband abuses her. She contrasted this with Scripture passages showing Jesus’ love for women. There was not a dry eye in the place, as she presented a large jewel to signify the value Jesus places on women.

Thanks to all who attended, and to our gracious and generous hosts: First Assembly of God Church, and Camp Dellwater. Thanks also to our teachers: Joy Alizadeh, Darlene Cook, Jody Cowdin, David Melander, and Executive Director, Diane Stores.

Bring our message to your church/organization by contacting Diane Stores: or 763-767-2150