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Staff Introduction: Development Coordinator, Alissa Holmes

Development Coordinator, Alissa Holmes

Development Coordinator, Alissa Holmes

Please meet Alissa Holmes, our Development Coordinator.

Alissa works closely with Diane Stores and the rest of the team to raise funds and expand the scope of Door of Hope’s network.

Alissa is also the Executive Pastor, Development Director and a worship leader at Twin Cities Justice House of Prayer and Outpost Ministries.

She’s been in ministry 15 years, previously serving at the Becker International House of Prayer in various roles, and in a hands-on ministry that helps individuals come out of addiction and sexual exploitation.

She has been an active member of the Minnesota House of Prayer Board of Directors for the past six years, and continues to travel around the state to network and encourage prayer ministries.

Alissa has 10 years of experience in management and administration, focused in program and outcome support for those in need of county/state services. Additionally, Alissa is a freelance artist, photographer, and filmmaker.

Alissa responds to: Why are you at Door of Hope?

I grew up in a loving home with parents who were (and still are) pastors and ministers. Despite that, I had a childhood checkered with abuse and brokenness from others, and had an incredibly tender heart that kept much of what I was experiencing a secret from my parents.

By time I became a teenager, I was in the throes of deep depression and suicidal tendencies. I believed that no one, including God, loved me. In His kindness, God used my father to intervene, and the Holy Spirit began leading me on an intense journey of healing that, while focused primarily over 6 years, is still going on today.

I am passionate about God’s intention for our lives, His heart to heal us, and the work Door of Hope does everyday to help people encounter Him. The only reason I’m walking in freedom today is because of Jesus and His heart to see me become whole.

I love that He promises in Matt 5:4 to comfort those who mourn. I was a mourner, but He came and comforted me, and has made me whole. Daily He walks me from glory to glory. I know that the overcoming and freedom He’s given me is not just for me, but is for everyone, and I love working at Door of Hope because we’re daily helping people understand that truth.

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Alissa Holmes

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