Parenting Classes

  Love your kids from Heaven's perspective. 

Love your kids from Heaven's perspective. 

Loving on Purpose

Parents, come and learn solutions to many of your parenting challenges, and how to love your kids from Heaven's perspective. 

All of us have had experiences with our parents that shape the way we see and respond to our children. Some of us have had great experiences and some of us haven't.

We have a built-in template of how we see God, and without realizing it we project that onto our child's template. It's how generations influence each other.

Loving Our Kids on Purpose is a parenting approach that reveals the Father's heart and helps show you how to best represent Him to your children. 

Class meets weekly for eight weeks, and is not open to new members after the first week (unless we know beforehand that you cannot attend the first class). 

Cost: $45 per person or $60 per couple, includes workbook. 

Kids Welcome: Price includes a fun-filled kid's group for ages 9-12, and childcare for younger children.