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2017 Hope-Filled Kids Evaluations

 Executive Director, Diane Stores, with some of our Hope-Filled Kids, as well as their leaders, Melani Kompelein and Gabby Plaep. The children attended a Hope-Filled Kids Christmas party in December 2017. 

Executive Director, Diane Stores, with some of our Hope-Filled Kids, as well as their leaders, Melani Kompelein and Gabby Plaep. The children attended a Hope-Filled Kids Christmas party in December 2017. 

In 2017, we launched Hope-Filled Kids, a support group for children (ages 9-12) dealing with the effects of abuse. We served 18 children. That’s 18 young lives touched by the love and truth of Jesus,18 lives finding hope and healing.

On evaluation forms they said:

All said they felt more confident (one said "less shy")

Something God showed me:

  • Kind people
  • God will always be with me
  • He helps me when I'm having a bad day
  • That I have tools to obey His word
  • How awesome all these people are

Something I learned:

  • To choose wise decisions
  • To be a better communicator and a better person
  • How God loves us
  • God always guides me
  • That I can be confident
  • That God is there no matter what
  •  To build my house on the rock

 Jamie Mork

Jamie Mork

Hi, my name is Jamie Mork, and I have struggled with introversion since I was a child. Meeting new people, or being around groups of people was a draining experience, and one that I avoided.

As I aged, it became apparent that I had to overcome this to have a successful career, meet my wife, or just have friends…so I started using alcohol as a way to grease the skids in social situations. It worked, but through time it also created a dependency that was very unhealthy mentally and physically. I eventually reached a point where I needed help. That’s where Door of Hope came in.

What I learned in my “couch sessions” [healing prayer sessions], with the loving guidance of David and Diane, and the unwavering personal power and love of Jesus, was that this “persona” I had created, who felt the need to imbibe, was just trying to help me – and it wasn’t something evil or to be destroyed. It was something to love as Jesus loved, and bring back into myself with forgiveness and grace. I know that sounds a little odd, but through Jesus’s guiding hand, I was able bring this “piece” of me back, and become closer to the Jamie that God intends me to be.

Once this happened, I no longer felt the need or desire to drink, nor the anxiousness of being around people. I’m still an introvert. After all, that is how God made me, but I now look at these types of situations through a different lens than before, and I feel more alive and joy than ever! Thank you Jesus and Door of Hope!

Jamie lives in Blaine and attends Substance Church in Spring Lake Park. He works as an executive for a local software company and enjoys spending time with his family at a cabin in northern Minnesota, and chasing around his wife’s three little dogs. 

 Melanie Jeulfs

Melanie Jeulfs

In the last couple of years, God has had me on a journey of self discovery. He has used Door of Hope’s  Authentic Hope and Boundaries groups to help me turn from seeing myself as a victim and from trying to  establish harmony and unity within our family, and toward focusing on myself and why I have allowed stress, anger, and prolonged discussions in our home. 

I now realize I am not a victim, but someone who tolerated, or many times didn’t even realize, that various hurtful behaviors were completely inappropriate and should not have been tolerated. 

I now realize that I am a precious, valued “Child of the King,” and that no one should be treated inappropriately or unkindly. Everyone should only tolerate kind, respectful behavior. 

In  Door of Hope’s groups, the support, encouragement, and love that came from the leaders and directors was a large part of my healing and growth process. Learning how the brain responds to stress and trauma has helped me understand why, for many years, I have felt numb and unable to fully engage in family activities and celebrations. 

I also learned the importance of not tolerating inappropriate behavior, and to not be easily fooled by behavior changes and many promises, for both are easy to deliver for a short time. Instead, a complete transformation with true character change needs to happen. For those of us who have tolerated, overlooked, and spent many years wishing for the best are usually  eager to meet the other person more than halfway because we want our relationship to work so badly. I now know a  relationship will never work if I keep crossing the line and allowing inappropriate behavior to exist.  

The best part of the Boundaries class was the support of my peers and my leaders, as I set up and practiced boundaries. Their love and support, as difficult growth and development was being obtained, was a gift words can’t describe. 

Thank you to all of Door of Hope’s staff and volunteers. You have made a difference in my life.

Most sincerely, Melanie Jeulfs

 Lenny Fineday of the Leech Lake Band of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe

Lenny Fineday of the Leech Lake Band of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe

Last fall, I met the Door of Hope team when they came to the Leech Lake Reservation. At the time, I was confronting  past wounds and hurts that were at the forefront of my life, due to significant relational issues with a very close friend and leader. Door of Hope is relationally-focused and driven, and I believe the Kingdom is all about relationship, community, and family. That is why I felt so connected to Diane, even during our first healing prayer meeting, as we addressed deeply embedded issues. 

I have come to realize that the largest issues plaguing tribal communities in our area, are related to identity and belonging. By design of federal policy and those seeking assimilation, there has been a systematic breakdown of the nuclear family, causing intergenerational trauma, feelings of disconnectedness, and a lack of belonging. With no niche or place to fit in, our people turn to addiction. 

Door of Hope is bringing a message of hope, healing, restoration, and reconnection—central to seeing the Kingdom advance in our community. We are excited to work with Door of Hope in our tribal communities, and watch the transformation, healing, and restoration that God desires for our people. 

Lenny Fineday, a member and resident of the Leech Lake Band of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe, is a licensed attorney operating his law practice from the Leech Lake Reservation. In addition to representing churches and ministries before the IRS, he is Tribal Attorney for the White Earth Nation and Judge for the Red Lake Nation Tribal Court. In the past, he was an associate attorney for the Minneapolis-based Best & Flanagan law firm, and was the in-house General Counsel to the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe. He has served two terms as President of the MN American Indian Bar Assoc., as well as two terms as a member of the MN State Bar Association’s General Assembly. Currently, Lenny serves on the Leech Lake Tribal College Board of Trustees and as a member of the MN Judicial Selection Commission, where he advises the Governor on the appointment of judges to the state courts. 

Lenny is the son of the late Rev. Leonard Fineday and Mary Fineday. His father, a full-blooded Leech Lake Tribal member, was a pastor on the Leech Lake Reservation for more than 30 years, founding three churches and pastoring throughout the Reservation. Building on this foundation, Lenny’s calling is to establish and expand the Kingdom of God in Indian Country through relational ministry, building bridges between peoples and communities, and exhorting and encouraging the body of Christ in unity and in truth.

 Veronica Sherohman, and her son, Matthew

Veronica Sherohman, and her son, Matthew

When I came to Door of Hope, in the fall of 2015, I struggled with self-defeating beliefs about myself. I did not realize it at the time, but I had a habit of seeing myself as a victim. I did not know how to trust.

Although I clearly saw that anger, rage, and control were issues I struggled with, I did not know why. I often felt trapped, hopeless, and helpless to the emotions that arose whenever I experienced the loss of a relationship, had financial issues, or lost something I believed I needed to feel valuable, or needed.

In the past, I took part in other Christ-based support groups where I learned to identify my emotions. Although they were very powerful and healing for me, I still struggled with needing the approval of others to feel whole. I lacked real connection with Jesus, and an understanding of how to trust Him.

During my first time through Authentic Hope (I’ve taken it 3 times), I started to trust little by little, in ways I had not before. I began to learn how to identify the lies I believed about myself and replace them with the truth: HE LOVES ME! I AM NOT A VICTIM! I AM VICTORIOUS! For the first time, I began to understand that the hypervigilance and isolation that had been my companions for so long, although developed naturally due to abuse and rejection, were not my friends! How freeing it was to let go of that heavy load I had carried for so long!

Today, I am learning to forgive myself (1 John 1:9) and realize that God sees me as his precious daughter - pure, whole, lovely, and beautiful. I trust that “He who began a good work in you will continue it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus!” Philippians 1:6

Having a safe place for me AND my son to learn about who we are in Christ, what to do with pain, how to process our emotions, how to trust, and how to heal through the Love of the Father, has been vital for our spiritual, emotional, and mental health. Supporting others in this process is just as important! I am forever grateful for Door of Hope. 

 Marina Condratiuc and her daughter, Katherine

Marina Condratiuc and her daughter, Katherine

For many years I went to church and praised God through music ministry, but didn’t have a close relationship with my Heavenly Father. I thought that I was doing enough to be a good Christian, but I was not happy inside.

My earthly father liked alcohol a lot. As a child, I wasn’t loved and supported by him, and never experienced or understood what a wonderful impact a healthy father can have on his child.

I praise God that Jesus led me to Diane and Door of Hope. Each time I receive one of their teachings my heart melts, as I became more and more aware of the truth that my Heavenly Father loves me so much.

I decided to forgive my earthly father so I could be free to let my Heavenly Father fill my heart with love. And He did, the Father’s love has made me free. I thank God that He loved me and waited for me, until I came to know that He is my true Father.

My older daughter likes to be with the other children in Door of Hope’s Hope-Filled Kids support group. She feels very comfortable and safe, and shares her feelings without fear. 

We both are very blessed to be here.

My name is Marina Condratiuc. I am from the republic of Moldova, from the former USSR. I moved to the USA in October of 2000. My husband and I have three children: Katherine-9, Angela-7, and Arthur-4 years old.

 Nathan, Dawn, and Katelyn Suiter, with Hope-Filled Kids Co-leader, Melani Kompelien

Nathan, Dawn, and Katelyn Suiter, with Hope-Filled Kids Co-leader, Melani Kompelien

A mom shares

Dawn: When I started at Door of Hope Women’s Support Group a few months ago, I was filled with fear and confusion.  I was stuck in a bad place and felt hopeless. No one and nowhere felt safe to me. I was afraid to be real or my authentic self.

Over time, I found Door of Hope to be a safe and healing place. The healing prayer session helped me to forgive those who abused me.

Through forgiveness, I have been able to have healthier boundaries and have found a new freedom in Christ Jesus. Through the healing prayer and support group, I am learning to see myself as God sees me, as His beloved child, His unique creation. Ps. 139:14-16 and Eph.1:11-12.

I am moving from fear and confusion to a new hope for my future and my children’s future. I am moving out of being stuck, to knowing that God has a good plan for my life and for my children’s lives. I can’t thank Door of Hope enough for giving me and my children a place to heal and feel hope again!

I’m amazed at the positive changes I have seen and experienced with my children in such a short time.

They are more confident and positive. I can see that they are healing and growing in the Lord. It is wonderful that they are learning these things and going through this healing at such a young age. They are learning about their emotions and how to express them. They are learning about appropriate healthy boundaries and mostly, they are learning about who they are in Christ, beautifully made children of God. I praise God for this!

10-year-old twins share

Katelyn: I’m thankful for Door of Hope’s kids group because I get to go to a place that is Christian and be with other kids that are Christian and talk about God. I like going to the group because I talk about my feeling and have fun. When something bad has happened I can talk about it and they pray for me and guide me through it. Normally, I am shy and don’t like to talk, but in this group I’m not shy and I like to talk. I like the crafts and being with the other kids. The leaders are really nice and fun to talk to.

Nathan: I like to go to Hope-Filled Kids because it makes me feel happy. I look forward to Monday nights and am always so excited to go. The leaders are really nice and funny and I like the activities and craft that we do. I never feel out of my comfort zone. I like it because it is a Christian group. We draw and work with clay. I like it because whatever I make, there are no rules. We can make what we want. We talk about our emotions and learn about them. I like the other kids and the things we talk about. Going to group is fun. I know they really like kids. I’m glad I can go to this group. When we leave they give us sweet good bye hugs.